Monthly Reading Recaps

Monthly Reading Recap: August 2020

Hi, bookish friends! I’m back at it again with another Reading Recap for you guys, and I decided to try something new. Since my college classes just started back and I am doing a lot of reading of traditional texts, I thought I’d include these in my reading recaps each month. So, you’ll get to see what I’m reading for fun and those I’m reading in my LITS seminar class — cool, huh? Let’s get going on this thing then, what do ya say?

What I Read This Month

Let’s Break It Down

New Books Read: 3

New Novellas Read: 0

Book Re-Reads: 1

Novella Re-Reads: 0

Monthly Total: 4

Average Rating of this Month’s Reading: 3.66 stars

Favorite Read of the Month: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Most Surprising Impressive Read of the Month: The Odyssey (Emily Wilson Translation)

Least Favorite Read of the Month: The Mahabharata


From Blood and Ash (Blood and Ash, #1)

If you read last month’s recap, you know that I was super upset to have had to list one of JLA’s books as the most disappointing read of the month. Well this month, my JLander heart overfloweth with joy because From Blood and Ash was FANTASTIC!!!! This is Jennifer L. Armentrout’s first adult high fantasy book, and it had just about everything I could have ever wanted in a book in this genre: a kick butt female protagonist, a very mysterious love interest, a truckload of romance, plot twists at every turn, stunning world building, and an ending that shocked the living crap out of me! My full thoughts on this bad boy will be share in a review in the very near future, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

The Odyssey

I’ve read numerous versions of The Odyssey, but Emily Wilson’s translation by far takes the cake as my favorite! While this text is LONG, it just reads so smoothly and so much like an adventurous bedtime story that I found myself unable to put it down. I’m also a sucker for Greek mythology, so anytime the gods and their shenanigans were mentioned, I was all for it! Overall, big fan, and if you’ve never read this version, you totally should!

The Mahabharata

While I loved the fact that I learned so much about early Indian culture, I had a lot of trouble following the storyline of The Mahabharata. A lot of this was because a great many of the names of the characters were very similar to each other, which made it hard for me to distinguish between who belonged to which of the warring families. I have actually read the Ramayana (another ancient text from India) and prefer it to The Mahabharata, but I did find the emphasis on religion and morality fascinating in this book. Overall, not a huge fan at all, but enjoyed learning about the culture in which it was written.

The Recognition of Sakuntala

I was completely shocked by how much I enjoyed reading this play. It is based on a section from the Mahabharata, so going into it I just hoped I liked it more than I did that text … and I totally did! This play was super funny, but also gives the reader some great insight into early Indian culture. This was my last read of the month (literally finished it this morning!), and I have to say: it was a great one!

Another monthly reading recap in the books (pun intended, as always!). Though I again didn’t have much time for recreational reading, I always enjoy reading texts I wouldn’t have picked up ordinarily in my college classes. What do you guys think of me including my thoughts on these texts on the blog in addition to my “fun reads?” Let me know below, along with all the book you had the opportunity to devour this month.

May your September be filled with lots of fun reading — I sure hope mine is! 🙂

Monthly Reading Recaps

Monthly Reading Recap: July 2020

Another month has come and gone, y’all, and you know what that means…. another monthly reading recap, coming your way! Time has really been flying by for me lately, but in such great ways! In between working on home improvement projects, doing some pretty intense research for a project I’m working on for school, and some other fun yet also exhausting tasks, I still managed to accomplish my goal of reading more books than I did last month! Here;s how this month of reading went:

What I Read This Month

Let’s Break It Down

New Books Read: 2

New Novellas Read: 1

Book Re-Reads: 0

Novella Re-Reads: 0

Monthly Total: 3

Average Rating of this Month’s Reading: 3.33 stars

Favorite Read of the Month: Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Most Surprising Impressive Read of the Month: The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

Least Favorite Read of the Month: The Queen by Jennifer L. Armentrout


The Rest of the Story

As you all saw in my review, I was shocked that I loved this book as much as I did. Sarah Dessen’s books are typically hit or miss for me, but this one was a total hit! The Rest of the Story was one of those contemporaries that keeps you laughing and smiling for just about the entirety of the book. I fell in love with Saylor, Roo, and all of the wonderfully-written supporting characters. Overall, I just loved every moment of reading this book, and if you’re looking for the perfect summery read, I highly suggest you give The Rest of the Story a shot!

The Queen (A Wicked Trilogy #3.7)

I shared some of my thoughts on this book in my Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag, so I’m going to keep this extra short and sweet: I wanted to love this final installment of Wicked novellas, but I just couldn’t because NOTHING HAPPENED (as far as action as plot go, more specifically). I think it all boils down to the fact that I had such high expectations for this book (being a total super fan of JLA and all) and The Queen fell completely flat for me. However, I will say that the epilogue was my favorite part and was beautifully written, but it just wasn’t near enough to sway my opinion of the rest of the novella.

Alex, Approximately

Jenn Bennett is my newest auto-buy author. I fell in love with both Serious Moonlight and Starry Eyes before reading Alex, Approximately, and I have not been disappointed yet! While this book isn’t my favorite of hers, it was absolutely fantastic! Given that I’m not very familiar with all the happening in California, I had so much fun learning all about life on the west coast and exploring this new territory from Bailey’s eyes. I also loved the dynamic between she and Porter and how connected each of them are to their families. A review for this book is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more of my thoughts on Alex, Approximately!

There you have it, folks — my month’s worth of reading! I’m actually really proud of how much I read, though of course I wish I could have read more (said every booklover ever!). Did you meet your reading goal for this month or read a really good book you can’t help but recommend to your fellow bookish friends? Let me know how your reading went this month and drop those recommendations below!

Monthly Reading Recaps

Monthly Reading Recap: June 2020

Has it really been a full month since my last reading recap? I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! The amount I read this month was honestly really disappointing, as I went from reading seven books last month to only one this month. However, I had so many exciting and new things going on that were the culprit for why I didn’t read as much as I would have liked, so in this month’s reading recap, I’m going to tell you a little bit about those activities as well! Without futher ado, let’s jump right into this, shall we?

What I Read This Month

Let’s Break It Down

New Books Read: 1

New Novellas Read: 0

Book Re-Reads: 0

Novella Re-Reads: 0

Monthly Total: 1

Average Rating of this Month’s Reading: 4 stars


Rage and Ruin (The Harbinger, #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This book was one of my most highly anticipated books of the year, and it did not disappoint! I absolutely loved jumping back into this world of Wardens, demons, and other supernatural critters, The plot was fast-paced, the characters were hilarious and witty (as usual, of course!), and the romance was just so sweet! I was really torn about whether or not to give it four or five stars, but I went with four because as amazing as this book was, I got REALLY frustrated towards the middle of it…. like, set my book down and walk the heck away frustrated, which rarely, if ever, happens. However, it was a necessary evil, and that doesn’t take away from how much fun I had giving Rage and Ruin a read. Full review coming in the very near future, and I can’t wait to share my full thoughts with you all!

What I’ve Been Up to Besides Reading

I guess I sold myself a little short on how much I’ve been reading this month, as I ended up taking an online Corporate Finance class and read a whole lotta chapters in the textbook. Since I was working through at least three full chapters a week and completing a semester’s worth of work in one month’s time, schoolwork pretty much took over my life this month! And, while I’m by no means a huge fan of finance (because math, eww), I learned so many new things that I can envision myself using in the future, so that was an added bonus tacked on to also earning one more credit towards my degree!

Something you all many not know about me is that my mom and I have been working on remodeling the home we’ve lived in for over 12 years now. The house has so much character, but we really wanted to make it our own. Over the past few years, we have reworked the kitchen (with the help of a contractor), reconfigured the half bath (with only the help of a plumber reworking lines and some other tiny little details), and upgraded the flooring in the basement and master bedroom. Well, we decided this month that we are going to now be tackling the last two bathrooms in the house by giving them some cosmetic upgrades. Needless to say this is going to be quite the project, so when I wasn’t doing my school, I was prepping the bathrooms for their makeovers! Even though it cut into my reading time a bit short this month, I am super excited to see how our latest home reno project comes out!

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s reading recap and learning about all the shenanigans I manage to get myself into outside of reading! Here’s to hoping I get to spend a little more time next month with my nose in a book! What have you all been reading this month? Let me know below 🙂

Monthly Reading Recaps

Monthly Reading Recap: May 2020

Welcome to my very first Monthly Reading Recap, everyone! Let me start by saying that reading SEVEN books in the span of one month is totally insane and never happens, but I guess with my junior year of college wrapping up in April, I decided to celebrate by hitting some serious literary sauce (and yes, I also ended up with some terrible book hangovers because of it, let me tell ya). Anyhoo, without further ado, let’s jump right into this thing!

What I Read This Month

Let’s Break It Down

New Books Read: 4

New Novellas Read: 1

Book Re-Reads: 1

Novella Re-Reads: 1

Monthly Total: 7

Average Rating of this Month’s Reading: 3.86 stars

Favorite Read of the Month: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas

Most Surprising Impressive Read of the Month: Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Least Favorite Read of the Month: Cold Day in the Sun by Sara Biren


A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers, #2)

This is the second book in the Cursebreakers series, and I really enjoyed it! I gave A Curse So Dark and Lonely a read earlier this year after letting it sit on my bookshelf for almost a year. I’m not sure why I didn’t pick it up sooner– totally regretting that now! I was so in love with it when I finally decided to give it a shot that when A Heart So Fierce and Broken came out this past January, I picked it up on its release day! Reviews for this book as well as A Curse So Dark and Lonely are coming soon, so stay tuned for those!

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City): Maas, Sarah J ...

If you’ve read my review for this one, the fact that it’s my favorite read of the month (and will likely be one of my favorites of the year!) probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I picked up this book because I was in the mood to read a high fantasy that I knew was going to have both incredible world-building and a cast of crazy awesome characters. House of Earth and Blood had everything I was looking for and more, and now I’m counting down the days until the next book comes out. Not to wish my life away or anything, but can it be 2021 already? Cold Day in the Sun (9781419733673): Biren, Sara: Books

As a whole, this book wasn’t HORRIBLE by any means. I think a lot of the issues I had with it had to do with the setting and all the hockey references, which I just simply wasn’t all that familiar with or interested in. Obviously there were other things I didn’t particularly love about this book, as I wouldn’t give a book only two stars due to my own ignorance on some of its main components. If you are looking for more details on my reservations rather than just reading my vague ramblings, give my review a read. But on the positive side, this book has a stunning cover, complete with an iridescent finish!

The Prince (A Wicked Trilogy, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #85)

I gave this novella a re-read this month since Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked series is being turned into a film and in preparation for The Queen coming out in July of this year. I am in love with the characters in this series and it was so nice to reconnect with old and meet some new ones in this novella.

The King (A Wicked Trilogy #3.6)

This second novella in the Wicked series has been sitting on my shelf for awhile, and with the next one in the series releasing in July, there was no time like the present to give it a read, right? The plot twists in this one were crazy, and, as usual, the characters continued to steal my heart. I only gave it three stars because there were moments I wasn’t expecting that gave me the creeps big time.

Foolish Hearts

It really shocked me how much I enjoyed this book! It’s been on my shelf for a long time now, and I finally decided to pick it up and give it a shot. So glad I did! If you’re looking for a beautifully written coming-of-age story, check out my review for more details to see if this beauty is right up your alley!

Storm and Fury (The Harbinger, #1)

I had such a great time reading this book again in prep for the release of Rage and Ruin, the second book in the Harbinger series, on June 9th! The Dark Elements series is my favorite by JLA, and this spin-off is literally everything I wanted and more. New characters, some old favorites, and being thrown back into a world full of Wardens and demons? Yes, please!

Phew, that’s a lot of books! Well, folks, we’ve come to the end of this month’s Reading Recap! What have you been reading this month? Let me know below! I’m always looking for more intriguing books to add to my TBR list! 🙂