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How to Find More Time to Read

Between work, school, and all the other responsibilities that come along with adulthood, I can attest to the fact that it can be really hard to find time in each day to curl up with a good book. But, by the same token, nobody wants to feel like they have to force themselves to read a book they’re supposed to be reading for fun. In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite tips on how to keep yourself reading, but in a way that makes it not feel like work!

Read a Little at a Time

This is one of my favorite tricks in the book (no pun intended) because even if you can only get through a chapter or so at a time, you’re still taking the time to read something! They do say slow and steady wins the race, and a little at a time is better than nothing at all. And, this effort racks up. Think of it this way: if you read two chapters a day for a week, you’ll have made it through a good chunk of your current read, and a month into this process, you may have finished two or three whole books!


I know there have been whole debates on whether or not listening to audiobooks constitutes true “reading,” but I am Team Audiobook all the way and totally think they count! The best part? You can literally listen to them almost anywhere! All you have to do is download your favorite audiobook app, pop in your earbuds, and press play, and you’re reading, just through the ears rather than through the eyes! This is the perfect option to keep folks with long commutes to work or school reading when physical books aren’t an option, and a great use of the time you would normally spend (if you’re like me) pondering world affairs or twiddling your thumbs!

Always Carry a Book

I know so many of you all are probably thinking, “What? Why would you ever leave the house without a book?” More often that I’d like to admit, I leave my current read at home because I think I won’t have time during the day to read any of it. But, sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out and you’re thrown a curveball, leaving you with a broken down car on the side of the interstate on your commute home (yes, this happened to me) and this new-found time is perfect for a little light reading to keep you company. Learn from my experience and just keep a book handy when you go out. That way, you have an activity to fall back on when you hit an unexpected snag.

Join a Book Club

This method reminds me a lot of working out — you’ll find more time in the day to sweat it out (or, in this case, read it out) when you interact with other people who are doing the same thing! While I’m not a part of any formal book clubs, so many of my book-loving friends have told me that reading and talking books with others motivates them to find the time to read themselves. Plus, a book club also puts you on a relatively structured schedule, as you’ll be reading to a certain chapter before your meetings, and you’ll definitely want to keep up with the group so you aren’t spoiled by your fellow book clubbers!

Make a Reading Goal

As someone who is SUPER achievement-oriented and hates ending a day without feeling some sense of accomplishment, setting a reading goal for myself is an absolute must! With my varying schedule, I stick with making a yearly goal where I challenge myself to read a certain number of books by the end of the year, but you can totally customize this tip to your own needs. Maybe making weekly or monthly goals is more your style, or basing your reading goal success on a certain number of pages read better suits your lifestyle. Regardless of what your goal ends up being, just having one to actively strive towards will likely be just the incentive you need to keep you reading on a more routine basis.

Reallocate Your Free Time

We’re all guilty of sitting in front of the TV or scrolling through our news feeds for what feels like five minutes, but when we finally look up at the clock, a huge chunk of time has passed us by! If you’re looking for more time in the day to read, consider being more aware of how much time you spend each day on these mindless activities, and reallocating some of that time to reading. While I certainly don’t suggest eliminating these hobbies completely (I’m totally a Food Network and HGTV addict, myself), I think you’ll be shocked to see how many pages you can get through if you dedicate just a small portion of this time to your current read.

Rise and Shine with a Little B&B

Why not swap out your morning news watching with a little book reading while you eat breakfast in the morning? Even if you aren’t a morning person, reading a little bit of a book you’ve been enjoying first thing is sure to help you start your day off on the right foot! And, if you’re really digging this tip, consider setting your alarm for 30 minutes of so earlier than normal. That way if the chapter you end on is a total cliffhanger, you can use this extra time to find out what happens next instead of worrying/obsessing about it all day like I would be!

It’s Okay to Take Breaks

It’s totally possible to have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to reading! Forcing yourself to read when you really just aren’t in the mood will not only make the experience less enjoyable, but you could end up setting a book aside unfinished that ordinarily, you would have loved. If you’re anything like me, then it’s unlikely you’d ever pick that book again and could be missing out on how good it really is. This being said, make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard! Sometimes our schedules are freer than others, so take advantage of the free time when you have it, but don’t panic when you don’t.

QOTD: When do you do most of your reading? I think most of mine happens in the evenings and on weekends, but I wish I had more time in the day to devote to a good book!

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8 Tips for Pulling Yourself Out of a Reading Slump

No matter how much of an avid reader you are, it’s likely you’ve hit a point where all of the sudden, you just can’t fathom picking up another book. Or maybe you’ve cracked open five, but give up after a few pages into each of them because you can’t seem to find the motivation to keep reading. Regardless of whether your reading slump lasts a week, a few months, or even a year or two, it can be disheartening and really frustrating to work through. Lucky for you, I’ve got some tips to help you rekindle your love of reading so you can get back to putting a dent in your TBR pile!

Take a Trip to the Bookstore

Ahh, yes. This is personally one of my favorite methods of making your reading slump a thing of the past! You may have astronomically long TBRs and so many books on our bookshelves at home that we haven’t read yet. However, sometimes it’s best to just walk through your local bookstore and pick up something new that catches your eye. I would also suggest this approach to anyone who feels totally bummed out by their lack of motivation to read. For some reason, I find bookstores to be some of the most calming and centering places on earth, so this option could also help you refocus your energy!

Re-Read One of Your All-Time Favorites

What better way is there to find the motivation to read again than by picking up one of the books that made you love it in the first place? Sometimes it takes going back to your roots and reading a story that captured your heart once before to help you work through a reading slump. And if you’re like me and need to narrow down the playing field of your all-time favorite reads a little more, consider giving any book written by one of your favorite authors a shot!

Read a Book Outside Your Normal Wheelhouse

Typically a high fantasy reader? Maybe it’s time to branch out and pick up a contemporary. Sometimes reading a bunch of books in a particular genre can cause you to burn out. If you think this may be the cause of your reading slump, try a different genre, or maybe even take this a step further by replacing your love for YA with an adult or new adult novel. Switching things up may help your brain “rewire” itself so that you can go back to reading what you usually love to in no time! Who knows? You may love this “replacement” genre equally as well as your usual reads!

Find a Change of Scenery

It’s human nature to fall into a pattern of doing certain things in the same place every time. Heck, I sit in the same chair at the dining room table for every meal I eat! If you’re in a reading slump, it may be a good idea to leave your usual reading spot and find a new one instead. I’ve found that this method works best for people who tend to read almost exclusively inside– be adventurous and sit outside on a nice day rather than staying cooped up in the house. A little fresh air does the body good, and a good book will take care of the rest!

Reorganize Your Bookshelves

Even if you aren’t in the mood to read, taking some time to give your bookshelves a face lift will keep you connected to your love of books. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a hidden gem in the mix that you forgot about that’ll pull you right out of your reading slump!

Pick a Different Format

We all have our own preferred formats of literature. You’re probably thinking, “What does it matter? The words are the same regardless of formatting.” While this is true, reading too many of any one format consecutively could lead you into a slump due to your brain and eyes not getting a much-needed change of pace. Try swapping that paperback out for a digital version of the same book on an e-reader to spice things up!

Talk Books, Don’t Read Them

This one sounds totally crazy, I know, but instead of sitting down with a book and reading it, try talking to some friends about all things books or checking out some new Bookstagram/BookTube accounts. Hearing about the kinds of things others are reading might just persuade you to give a book you wouldn’t have picked up yourself a try! While it doesn’t necessarily keep you reading, this method does help you say involved in the bookish community, which is full of people who have struggled through reading slumps themselves and totally feel your pain!

Just Wait It Out

Everyone’s brain needs to take a time-out. It’s important to remember that reading should be a fun activity and not something you should feel forced into doing, so read at your own pace and take some time away when you need to. All the books will be anxiously awaiting your return when you’re ready to dive back in!

I hope these tips help you work through your next reading slump! Do you a method I didn’t include that helps you? Let me know below!